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The press conference of the Russian pavilion in the 64 th Cannes Film Festival. took place in Interfax news agency on April 27.


  • Vyacheslav Telnov, Head of Cinematography of the Ministry of Culture, Russian Federation;
  • Catherine Mtsituridze, art-director of The Russian pavilion;
  • Dmitry Litvinov, CEO of Development Foundation of cinema "Russian film communities";
  • Andrey Smirnov, president of CMM ("Sistema Mass Media");
  • Sergey Selyanov, producer of "Hunter" movie, participant of "Un Certain Regard", 64th Cannes Film Festival;

Traditional program "In Focus of Russian cinema” will be held in the support of «Variety» magazine. The program includes 10 cinema projects:

  1. "The Spy", directed by Alexey Andrianov, producers Leonid Vereshchagin, Sergey Shumakov;
  2. "The Roadside House", directed by Anton Sivers, producers Yuri Sapronov, Leonid Vereshchagin;
  3. "Living", directed by Vasily Sigarev, producer Roman Borisevich;
  4. "Lifelong night", directed by Nikolay Homeriki, producers Elena Borisova, Mikhail Babakhanov;
  5. "Gold", directed by Andrey Marmont, producer Michael Churbanov;
  6. “Dubrovsky”, directed by Kirill Mikhanovskiy, producer Eugene Gindilis;
  7. "The dry valley", directed by Alexandra Strelyanaya, producer Alexei Uchitel;
  8. "The practice in beauty", directed by Victor Shamir, producer Andrey Novikov;
  9. "Escape to the sky. Devyatayev", directed by Alexander Kott, producer Denis Filiukov;
  10. "Hunter", directed by Bakur Bakuradze, producer Sergey Selyanov.