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Gala opening of the Russian Pavilion at the 66th Cannes Film Festival




CANNES – Thursday 16 May 2013. The Russian Film Pavilion officially opened today announcing a line-up of industry events to support the Russian film industry at Cannes. 

Launching the Pavilion were Vyacheslav Telnov, Head of the Cinema and Modernisation Programmes Department of the Russian Ministry of Culture, Catherine Mtsitouridze, Director General of ROSKINO, Anton Malyshev, Director Executive of the Russian Cinema Fund, Dmitry Litvinov, Director General of Planeta Inform and Jerome Paillard, Head of the Cannes Marché, Paul Federbush, International Director, Feature Film Program of the Sundance Festival, Tim Gray, Senior Vice President, International Editor, Variety,  and Joel Chapron,  Eastern European Specialist, Unifrance.

Catherine Mtsitouridze of ROSKINO said, “This is the sixth year that the Russian Pavilion has been in Cannes as part of the Russian Government’s strategy for promoting Russian films and filmmakers. We are delighted that Jerome Paillard from the Marché du Film is here today and has said  that the Russian Pavilion, is one of the two most well-run and attended national presences, along with the UK Pavilion, in the Marché”.

Joel Chapron from Unifrance says, “It is especially exciting for the Russian film industry that this year we have two films in the official selection at Cannes, Taisia Igumentseva’s Bite the Dust and Yury Bykov’s The Major as well as Evgeny Byalo’s Norm of Life in the Cinefondation”.

The Pavilion will see a number of presentations, panels, press conferences and events over the course of the festival led by Fedor Bondarchuk (producer, director, actor and  founder of ROSKINO), Aleksey Uchitel (producer), Taisia Igumentseva (director), Sergey Selyanov (producer) Leonid Vereshchagin (Moscow Film Festival),  Ilya Bachurin (CEO, GLAVKINO), Igor Ugolnikov (producer), Renat Davletyarov (producer/director), Peter Buslov (director),  Alexander Adabashyan (scriptwriter) amongst other industry luminaries.

Russia’s film industry continues to grow with the sharp increase in digital distribution. Total box office returns for the CIS (excluding the Ukraine) peaked at over over RUB1 billion (€175 million) for the first time ever. Box office returns for Russian films were RUB 6.1 billion (€155.2 million). In addition, Russia has also seen a growth in cinema digitization with 72% of all prints in distribution now being digital copies.

As part of the 66th Cannes International Film Festival programme, Taisia Igumentseva’s full-length debut film, "Bite the Dust" will premiere in the Special Screening section.  A second Russian title, Yury Bykov's "The Major", will be showcased in Critics’ Week. Press conferences for both films will be held in the Russian Pavilion on Saturday 18 and Wednesday 22 May respectively.

Key highlights include:

Ø Friday’s “Focus on New Russian Cinema” which will present 10 new Russian films to international distributors, film festival selectors and international media. The films to be presented include "True Blue Story" (directed by Renat Davletyarov), "Ivan Poddubny" (directed by Gleb Orlov), "The “Hope” Factory" (directed by Natalia Meshchaninova), “The Invisibles" (directed by Sergey Komarov) and "Kicking Off" (directed by Anton Bormatov) amongst others.


Ø  Leonid Vereshchagin and Petr Shepotinnik will announce the full programme for the 35th Moscow International Film Festival to the press and the industry.  


Ø  A presentation of Russian projects looking for co-producers: "Rudolf Nureyev: The Beginning” (to be directed by Eugene Tirdatova) and "The Battle of Sebastopol" (producer Natalya Mokritskaya), “The Florist” (to be directed by Maria Saakyan) and “Freemasons” (producer Ekaterian Filippova) to be presented with the support of Variety magazine.


Ø  A presentation of international and home-grown film projects by Enjoy Movies and Renovation Entertainment.  Hollywood actor Hayden Christensen is to present the co-productions between Russia and Canada amongst other producers.


Ø  GLAVKINO, Russia’s new and largest purpose-built all-digital cinema and TV production studio, will present a number of new Russian film projects in which it is investing and are set to go into production this year. Press and members of the industry will have the opportunity to meet and discuss these exciting new developments with the directors and producers.


Ø  A presentation by the International Festival of Family and Children's Film in Ekaterinburg -  "Within the Family".


Ø  Presentation of the International Festival of Contemporary Cinema "2-in-1", a Moscow-based festival of contemporary film, an acknowledged forum for new inspired cinema and unorthodox filmmakers.


Ø  A presentation of the annual Russian film industry review, KINOBOOK – 2012, which gives a full overview of the Russian film industry produced by Nevafilm Research, Movie Research, Planeta Inform and ROSKINO.


Ø  A presentation of short films under the banner of “Global Russians” made by Russian students and graduate  are also being presented in the Cannes Marché Short Film Corner.


Ø  Press conferences for "Bite The Dust" directed by Taisia Igumentseva, which is receiving a Special Screening at this year’s Cannes, and “The Major” directed by Yury Bykov, which is screening in the Critics’ Week.


Ø  A discussion and press conference for “The Norm of Life”, a short film directed by Eugeny Byalo screening in the festival’s Cinefondation.


Ø  A presentation for Moscow Business Square 2013, a business platform for producers at the Moscow International Film Festival.


Ø  A round-table discussion, “Digital distribution – Revolution or Evolution”, organized by ROSKINO in partnership with Bloomberg TV to be broadcast on Bloomberg TV and published by Screen International. Representatives of international funds, multimedia platforms, producers, distributors, will talk about the rapidly changing industry distribution of content through new forms of distribution.



Launching the Russian Pavilion today were:

Vyacheslav Telnov, Director of the Department of State Support of Cinematography of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Catherine Mtsituridze, CEO of ROSKINO.

Anton Malyshev, Executive Director of the Russian Cinema Fund.

Jerome Paillard, Director of the Marche du Film.

Dmitry Litvinov, Director General of the communication group Planeta Inform.

Paul Federbush, International Director, Feature Film Program of the Sundance Festival.

Tim Gray, Senior Vice President, International Editor, Variety.

Joel Chapron,  Eastern European Specialist, Unifrance.

Among the guests were representatives of international distribution companies, film festival selectors, representatives of Russian and international print and electronic media.



Additional information and photos:

- Elena Barkova, press secretary ROSKINO

+ 7 926 996-41-45;

- Tina McFarling, PR agent Premier PR

+44 7879 421 578,





Director: Sergey Komarov

Producers: Renat Davletyarov Alexander Oleynikov, Alexander Kotelevsky



A month before the New Year Yura has suddenly become invisible.  And it was even a bigger surprise for him when he had realized that there were many of the invisibles like him in Moscow city.  His adventures in a new unusual invisible way have started.   





Director: Renat Davletyarov

Producers: Renat Davletyarov, Alexander Kotelevsky



It’s a coming-of-age story taking place in a small Soviet town in the early 70s. It’s about friendship and betraying, about the first teenage love that suddenly has become a love for the rest of the life. 





Director: Dmitry Tyurin

Producer: Yuri Sapronov








Director: Anna Tchernakova

Producers: Yuriy Sapronov,

Script writer: Aleksander Adabashyan








Director: Ilmar Raag

Producers: Natalia Drozd, Riina Sildos, Aleksi Bardy, Oleg Silvanovitch, Sergey Selyanov








Director: Anton Bormatov

Producer: Sergey Selyanov








Director: Nataliya Meshchaninova

Producers: Yelena Stepanishcheva, Yevgeniy Semin, Aleksander Plotnikov, Zaur Bolotayev, Petr Gudkov,









Director: Nadezhda Stepanova

Producer: Sofiko Kiknavelidze







Directors: Natasha Merkulova & Alexey Chupo Producers: Bakur Bakuradze, Julia Mishkinene, Zaur Bolotaev, Alexandr Plotnikov







Director: Gleb Orlov

Producers: Leonid Vereshchagin, Vadim Goryainov, Leonid Lebedev, Nikita Mikhalkov, Valery Todorovsky









Officially representing Russia for the sixth year at the Cannes Film Festival and Marche du Film, the Russian Pavillion acts as an information hub for our filmmakers and a versatile platform for the promotion of Russian films in the international market. Organization of the Russian pavilion is undertaken by ROSKINO with participation of the communication group Planeta Inform.