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  • Russia’s new studio GLAVKINO announces its investment four new feature films
  • The largest studio in Eastern Europe set for further investment and expansion



CANNES – Sunday 19 May 2013.   Russia’s new largest purpose-built film and TV studio, GLAVKINO, set up by filmmaker Feodor Bondarchuk and Ilya Bachurin, has announced its first feature film production investments and the intention to expand its studio facilities.


Bachurin outlined GLAVKINO’s plans to the press and industry today in the Russian Pavilion introduced by Catherine Mtsitouridze of ROSKINO.


The largest purpose-built all-digital film and TV production studio in Russia, GLAVKINO comprises a production facilities complex, a production company and a script lab. Currently housing 12 production stages occupying 9,000 sq m, GLAVKINO plans to add additional stages and expand its technical facilities and services. The studio opened in March 2012 following four years of development and backed by $100 million of private investment.  A second phase of development will see a further investment of $100 million.

Ilya Bachurin, CEO GLAVKINO, said in Cannes today, “We are delighted to be here in Cannes with our first four feature film projects, three of which are currently in pre-production and set to shoot this summer, and one which has completed filming. Our first production slate illustrates our ambition to produce films of national importance and to support up and coming Russian filmmakers.  We want to help create the conditions for the growth of the film industry and to achieve this, it is essential that we attract bigger international projects and strategic partners and investors to Russia.   Russia has to be able to produce and make larger-scale productions if we are to play a bigger role in the international film industry and ultimately attract larger audiences for our films.  Our investment in GLAVKINO is a major step towards achieving that ambition.

Feodor Bondarchuk wanted to be here in Cannes to announce our first feature film projects but is meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev today to discuss GLAVKINO’s plans for investing further in the Russian film industry.”

GLAVKINO’s first four feature film projects are:

  • Aqua Vitae, directed by Yury Bykov,  written by Tatiana Sarana and Bykov.

The film is an action adventure. Bykov belongs to the new generation of Russian cinematographers. His feature film, The Major, screens in the Critics’ Week.

  • Flip-out, directed by Pyotr Buslov, written by Andrey Migahov, Alexey Shipenko and Buslov.

A drama about a father and a daughter.  Buslov’s film Boomer was the first Russian film to draw audiences to Russian cinemas in decades, the sequel Boomer-2 was a box office leader, and his biopic Vysotsky was the number one hit of 2011.  Flip-out was filmed at GLAVKINO last year.

  • WWI, produced by Fyodor Bondarchuk, Igor Ugolnikov and Ilya Bachurin.

An anthology in which five directors from countries that participated in World War I – will create five short stories about the horror of war.

  • Buoy, directed by Taisia Igumentseva, written by Yuliana Koshkina and Igumentseva.

A comedy drama set in the provincial town of Buoy.  Taisia Igumentseva is well-known for her short thriller The Road To which won the Cannes Cinefondation last year and her feature-length debut To Cut The Cable screens this year in Cannes.


Directors Peter Buslov, Taisiya Igumentseva, Yurk Bykov and producer Igor Ugolnikov introduced their films to the audience.


GLAVKINO is the first studio to be built in Russia for decades.  It has been developed to be a world-class production facility that with the highest standards of technology in film-making and digital broadcasting. The complex offers unique technological opportunities including:

  • 12 stages including one of the largest in Eastern Europe (3092 m2)
  • new office space for production companies (hair and make-up, props, wardrobe, administration offices, etc)
  • visual effects studio for 2D and 3D
  • digital equipment from suppliers such as Grass Valley and Sony
  • modern audio/video production and post-production studios
  • full 3D tract, automated lighting system, air-conditioning, ventilation and smoke removal systems.


For further information:

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Officially representing Russia for the sixth year at the Cannes Film Festival and Marche du Film, the Russian Pavillion acts as an information hub for our filmmakers and a versatile platform for the promotion of Russian films in the international market. The organisation of the Russian Film Pavilion is undertaken by ROSKINO with participation of the communication group Planeta Inform.


The Russian Film Pavilion is hosting a number of presentations, panel discussions, press conferences and events over the course of the festival which will be led by leading Russian industry professionals including Fedor Bondarchuk, Aleksy Uchitel, Taisa Igumentseva, Sergey Selyanov, Leonid Vereshchagin, Ilya Bachurin, Igor Ugolnikov, Renat Davletyarov, Peter Buslov, Alexander Adabashyan amongst others.