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Cannes – International debates organized by ROSKINO in association with Bloomberg TV, Paramax Films and Monde Ouest, took place during Cannes Film Festival and Market. The subject of conference was digital content distribution. Those debates will be broadcasted on Bloomberg TV and on our partner


The following speakers took part in the event:

- Dr. André Lange (Head of Department “Information on markets and Financing” at the European Audiovisual Observatory (Council of Europe, Strasbourg)

- Logan Mulvey (C.E.O. & co-founder of GoDigital, a digital distribution company based in Los Angeles)

- Catherine Mtsitouridze (ROSKINO CEO, Moscow)

-Bertrand Moullier (owner of Narval Media, a London-based firm that advises companies governments, and non-geovermental organisations on the competition strategies in the film and television industries)

Michael Gubbins (Founder of SampoMedia and Chair of the Film Agency for Wales, journalist and consultant with particular expertise in film and digital media) moderated the panel.

The following questions were discussed:

- Is the European VOD market overcrowded?


- Will the increasing importance of film economics lead to the end of the current release time gap between cinema and home entertainment?


- Is VOD an opportunity or a major threat to independent production and the diversity of film in Europe?


- Will the global nature of the Internet, on which the economics of VOD are based, bring an end to territorial film sales, which are so essential to the existing business model and markets, such as Cannes?

In the frame of conference Dr. Andre Lange underlined that VOD has existed for 10 years in Europe. But according to him the market really came to life only in 2012, when professionals realized the importance of VOD-distribution.

Bertrand Mouller said: «You have to curate product in order to make it happen on platforms that are anything else than big brands. The niche players in Europe will maybe bring knowledgeable value in knowing to curate for a specialist audience».

Logan Mulvey considers VOD to be still at the early stage: «If you think about where VOD started and where it is now, it’s still in it’s infancy. We really see growth everyday on our platform and iTunes did a very smart move in embracing the indies”.

Catherine Mtsitouridze mentioned: «We are aware that it is hard for Russian films to be well presented on the international film market. ROSKINO understood the importance of VOD-services and the opportunities they give to local film industry. This is the reason why we signed the contract last year with Hulu, to screen 12 Russian movies on their platform. I would like to point out that Hulu is one of the major VOD-services in the world. And in 3 days after the launch of the film “Spy” with Nikita Kozlovsky it became one of the top-20 most popular videos in the Hulu library. At the moment we are enlarging the catalogue of Russian films on this platform”.

Video on demand in Russia continues to enjoy a period of fast growth, characterized not only by an increase of their services, but also by the size and quality of their catalogues. A ranking of the market players is taking place and this industry is growing. In 2012, Russia’s VOD market included around 40 operators in various media formats, using a number of different technologies to deliver their services to consumers. Most of these companies were Internet service providers (67%) and cable television providers (IPTV -13%).

In early December 2012, the major international services iTunes and Google came to the new global markets, such as Russia and China, At this point the video on demand market underwent its most fundamental changes.

Very soon the full version of the debates will be available online at the official ROSKINO and the Russian Pavilion’s website.


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Officially representing Russia for the sixth year at the Cannes Film Festival and Marche du Film, the Russian Pavillion acts as an information hub for our filmmakers and a versatile platform for the promotion of Russian films in the international market. The organisation of the Russian Film Pavilion is undertaken by ROSKINO with participation of the communication group Planeta Inform.


The Russian Film Pavilion is hosting a number of presentations, panel discussions, press conferences and events over the course of the festival which will be led by leading Russian industry professionals including Fedor Bondarchuk, Aleksy Uchitel, Taisa Igumentseva, Sergey Selyanov, Leonid Vereshchagin, Ilya Bachurin, Igor Ugolnikov, Renat Davletyarov, Peter Buslov, Alexander Adabashyan amongst others.