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Fedor Bondarchuk’s political thriller BEIRUT leads the way for projects calling for Co-Production Partners

CANNES – Friday 15th May, 2015: At a presentation of Russian projects looking for co-production partners, ROSKINO today announced details of several new film projects emerging from the Russian market. The eclectic slate of upcoming films includes political-thriller BEIRUT from Fedor Bondarchuk, director of all-time top grossing local movie STALINGRAD, anthology film ADOLECENCE ID, and inspirational true-life tale THE PHILOSOPHICAL STEAMER.

ROSKINO’s CEO Katya Mtsitouridze said of the presentation: “Our co-production slate this year is full of heartfelt storytelling, unique concepts and important elements of history to be re-told to audiences around the world. The focus for ROSKINO is to bring international awareness to Russian cinema and so we are thrilled to see so many exciting projects in our line-up.”

The presentation kicked off as Art Pictures presented BEIRUT, produced by Fedor Bondarchuk (STALINGRAD) and written by Bagirov Eduard, (ASHES). The project will tell the story of KGB agent Lantsov, who arrives in Beirut after two USSR embassy employees have been kidnapped, to serve his country and fight for the comrades despite political conflicts. The project release is lined up for 2017.

Next came ADOLESCENCE ID from Olga Zhirova and Julia Vorobieva of Milky Cinema Production. The unique project will consist of five narratives directed across Russia, Germany, Georgia, Malta and France, and will detail the lives of teenagers entering adulthood. Displaying themes of love, family relationships and friendship, the film looks to explore contrasting environments and the roles they play in a teenager’s upbringing.

SREDA Production’s Alexander Tsekalo and Anna Gudkova presented THE PHILOSOPHICAL STEAMER, directed by Alexander Kott (THE TEST), and written by Oleg Malovichko (THE GHOST). Set in Russia 1922, the film follows the real-life exile of intellectuals living under Lenin’s reign. On board a Philosopher’s Steamer, the story follows Cheka officer Arganov in his mission to destroy the ship and the unlikely events that follow.

The upcoming biopic LENIN was presented to audiences by producers Yelena Yatsura and Yuri Krestinskiy from TriKita Entertainment. The contemporary re-telling will portray Lenin’s movements in Russia and his bold and unconventional thinking that led to the dramatic shake up of a world that for years had remained unchanged.

Also presented at the event were Ivan Tverdovsky’s ZOOLOGY, the story of a zoo-administrator and her struggle to overcome a beastly transformation, presented by Mila Rozanova from New people company, CITY OF BIRDS, an unconventional love-story set amidst the struggles emigration, presented by director Elena Hazanova and Svetlana Kuchmaeva from Valday Films and EMPIRE V based on the co-called book by Russian prominent writer Viktor Pelevin, presented by director Viktor Ginzburg and producers Yelena Yatsura, Jim Steel and Yuri Krestinskiy from Trikita Entertainment.

The full list of projects, curated by ROSKINO CEO Katya Mtsitouridze, and each individually introduced by their respective producers, included:

BEIRUT, produced by Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitriy Rudovskiy, Dmitriy Tabarchuk
ZOOLOGY, produced by Natalia Mokritskaya, Mila Rozanova, Uliana Savelyeva
PHILOSOPHICAL STEAMER, produced by Aleksandr Tsekalo, Peter Schedrovitsky
CITY OF BIRDS, produced by Svetlana Kuchmaeva
ADOLESCENCE ID, produced by Olga Zhirova, Yulia Vorobieva
LENIN, produced by Yelena Yatsura, Yuri Krestinskiy
EMPIRE V, produced by Yelena Yatsura, Jim Steel, Yuri Krestinskiy


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