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CANNES – SATURDAY 16TH MAY 2015: ROSKINO today put the Focus on New Russian Cinema 2015, with its annual presentation of the hottest projects coming out of the country over the coming year. Curated by ROSKINO CEO Katya Mtsitouridze, the event gave distributors, sales agents, festival organizers, and press their first glimpse of a selection of Russia’s newest films; including Mikhail Mestetskiy’s much-anticipated RAG UNION.

Katya Mtsitouridze said of the selection: ‘Russian cinema has rarely been in more robust health, as these excellent projects prove. We’re delighted to offer the first peek at the hits of the future, and are proud once again to be able to present such an eclectic, vibrant group of films from a variety of award-winning domestic filmmakers.’

Mikhail Mestetskiy’s feature film debut RAG UNION was amongst the most anticipated. The young writer-director has previous drawn awards recognition for his shorts, and took home the Golden Eagle for his writing on LEGEND NO.17. His latest follows the life of an ordinary teenager as he develops through association with the titular Rag Union: a politically-engaged group of young artists, sportsmen, and dreamers.

Elena Hazanova, creator of film festival KINO: Films from Russian and Beyond, whose previous feature SAM garnered significant international acclaim, winning the Best Feature Film Award at the New York City Film Festival, is another big draw at Cannes this year, showcasing the hotly-tipped PUPPET’S SYNDROME.

KIKORIKI: LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN DRAGON from director Chernov Denis, sees the return of the animated adventure-comedy franchise, as the villagers of Kikoriki Island embark on a madcap journey of mistaken identity following their resident scientist’s latest zany creation.

Egor Baranov’s LOCUST put the spotlight on two bright Russian talents Petr Fedorov (STALINGRAD) and rising talent Paulina Andreeva (DARK WORLD 2) as they star in a tragic romance showcasing the struggles of two young lovers kept apart by forces beyond their control.

Also presented at the event was Nickolay Sarkisov’s ambitious Red Western KRASNY, which follows the interweaving paths of a noble woman, a commissar, and a Cossack in a violent post-revolutionary Russia. Artem Tkachenko (INDIGO), Denis Yasik (TISKI), and relative newcomer Irina Antonenko star as the central trio.

Finally, attendees were given their first look at Andrey Kim’s CLOSER THAN APPEAR. The innovative film comprises four short stories each exploring the often complicated nature of parent-teenager relationships. By turns comedic and tragic, and unafraid to leap between fantasy and realism, the arresting project is set for completion this summer.

ROSKINO plays a key role in assisting the country’s filmmakers and producers with their commercial releases abroad, promoting Russian films at major international film festivals, markets, and awards, and working to facilitate co-operation and participation in the opposite direction by encouraging International filmmakers to venture to Russia’s own festivals and events.


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