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The 37th Moscow International Film Festival announces programme in the Russian Film Pavilion in Cannes

CANNES - THURSDAY 21 May, Kirill Razlogov (Programme Director), Andrey Plakhov (Chief Selector) and Petr Shepotinnik (Public Relations Director) of the 37th Moscow International Film Festival (19-26 June) introduced by Catherine Mtsitouridze of ROSKINO announced yesterday at the Russian Film Pavilion, the first 10 films in competition at the 37th Moscow International Film Festival. They outlined the programme for the festival to the press and industry.

“Our selection committee has had a tremendous job this year as we received more than 1,500 entries but I feel we have created a programme that reflects the core principles of the festival,” stated Kirill Razlogov.

“In its seventh year our Moscow Business Square will be welcoming more then 50 projects from Russian and international producers seeking to make co-productions and our Generation Campus will be running a programme that offers young filmmakers training in different aspects of filmmaking from scriptwriting to direction, cinematography and editing,” added Petr Shepotinnik.

The MIFF Media Forum, a parallel programme to the festival, will show work by contemporary Russian and international artists working with video, media art, documentary and still images.

The jury is headed by prominent Oscar-winning director and screenwriter Jean-Jacques Annaund (L'ours/ The Bear (1988), L'amant/ The Lover (1992), Seven Years in Tibet (1997), Enemy at the Gates (2001), Deux frères/ Two Brothers (2004), Black Gold (2011).

The films announced yesterday which have been selected for Competition were:

  • ALL ABOUT THEM, Director Jérôme Bonnell, France, 2015
  • ARMI ALIVE!, Director Jörn Donner, Finland, 2015
  • ENCLAVE, Director Goran Radovanović, Serbia, 2015
  • HEROES OF EVIL, Director Coe Berriatúa, Spain, 2015
  • ORLEANS, Director Andrey Proshkin, Russia, 2015
  • LOOSERS,Director Ivaylo Hristov, Bulgaria, 2015
  • BEING GOOD, Director Mipo Oh, Japan, 2015
  • THE SEA & THE FLYING FISH, Director Mehrdad Ghafarzadeh, Iran, 2015
  • ARVENTUR, Director Irina Evteeva, Russia, 2015
  • THE ROAD, Director Rana Salem, Lebanon, 2015


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