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"Russian cinema" enters the international market

Cannes, France, 13 May 2016

In overseas media market, there is a new large Russian player – online cinema The Russian-speaking audience abroad now have a website with Russian content and a separate app "Russian cinema".

13 May 2016 at the 69 Cannes International Film Festival the international online cinema with the support of ROSKINO presented the full line of the new service "Russian cinema" for Russian-speaking audience abroad – the application "Russian cinema" for mobile devices and Smart TV. Also there was held the presentation of website RUSKINO.NET fully dedicated to the Russian cinema. App "Russian cinema" is already available to users abroad in 250 countries around the world, including in France. The content is 100% composed of Russian movies, TV series and cartoons as well as films created in the USSR.

“Today in the Russian pavilion I am pleased to present a unique application for watching Russian movies. As the head of the company promoting Russian cinema worldwide I understand the importance of this launch. Great idea has finally got a clear vision, and today people from all over the world get this opportunity to enjoy Soviet classics and Russian cinema releases in high quality online," - said General Director of ROSKINO Katya Mtsitouridze.

New Russian service "Russian cinema" in the international market in the Russian pavilion was presented by CEO Tvzavr Marina Surygina, content director Elena Khlebnikova and PR&Marketing director Olesya Teplova.

The symbol of the app Russian cinema is a Russian nesting doll, which captures national spirit. The design of the new application is decorated in traditional Russian style. The distinctive feature of it is the presence of colorful Russian folk elements. Logo design is also available in the form of nested dolls. In the section USSR background element is the image of a hammer and sickle, other sections are dominated by folk painting.

"Popularization of Russian cinema around the world is an important and responsible task. We are working at it together with ROSKINO and Ministry of culture of the Russia, - says Tvzavr CEO Marina Shurygina. - Tvzavr is the first Russian online cinema, which came out on the foreign market, in all countries. Abroad 7 million people are Russian-speaking audience. New app Russian cinema will help them to perceive Russian cinema abroad. 12 April 2016 we launched the app Russian cinema on the LG Smart TV around the world, and immediately saw a positive trend in attitudes and interest among users abroad. Today in Cannes, we represent a full range of product. The new project will allow us not only to increase the audience of the Tvzavr cinema worldwide, but also to promote Russian cinema in the international market. Priority countries for promotion of the project Russian cinema are USA, Israel, Germany and countries in Eastern Europe”, - adds Shurygina.

"Russian cinema" – a separate service of the domestic cinema (the app for Smart TVs and mobile devices), which works independently from online cinema Tvzavr, but closely integrated with it. For users interested in domestic films abroad, a new app – a simple and convenient solution. In the library of "Russian cinema" available sections are “Movies”, “TV”, “Animation”, “USSR”. The content is produced in Russia, CIS countries and the Soviet Union. The application "Russian cinema" consists of the paid as well as the free content. In Russia since 13 may 2016 the app works on all devices on a mixed monetization model: advertising, subscription model, rental and purchase of films. The subscription price is 249 RUB. The cost of film premieres - from 99 RUB. Abroad the service "Russian cinema" is available since 13 may 2016 on all devices on a subscription model. Also it is available for renting and purchasing the new movies. The subscription price is 4 euro. Russian content for the foreign audience is presented with subtitles.

The website is a new platform, created to promote Russian content abroad and indispensable service for Russian film directors and producers. In the Russian pavilion in Cannes there were held talks of Russian producers and CEO Tvzavr Marina Shurygina on the cooperation with the new service "Russian cinema" and the website


Tvzavr is the largest international online cinema of the legal content. The service was launched in 2010 on the basis of the technological platform of interactive video demonstrating the high quality of streaming video and transferring the video stream, which is unique in Russia and the CIS is still there. Ideology was made by Marina Shurygina. Investors - a Group of Russian entrepreneurs from the energy sector.

Monthly audience of Tvzavr is more than 20 million unique users. The video library includes more than 40 thousand pieces of content, most of which is available to viewers for free. Tvzavr is available on all platforms: Web, mobile, Smart TV, set-top boxes. The service works on a subscription model, rental and purchase of films. Subscription price - 249 rubles. Movies cost from 99 rubles.

Tvzavr is the first Russian player which entered the international market by launching the app "Russian cinema" on Smart TV and mobile devices to promote Russian cinema around the world.

Revenue of Tvzavr at the end of 2015 is 180 million rubles.

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