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Svetlana Khodchenkova-starrer amongst Projects Seeking Co-Production Partners

CANNES – Saturday 14th May, 2016: ROSKINO today hosted its annual presentation of leading Russian projects looking for co-production partners. With a host of highly-anticipated films emerging from the flourishing Russian market; audiences were introduced to the likes of Ilya Stewart’s BLOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR with newly announced cast Anna Chipovskaya (The Spy, The Thaw), Svetlana Ustinova (Paranormal Drive, The Cold Front) and Svetlana Khodchenkova (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), the haunting TACHAL, Sergey Mokritsky’s THE DRAFT, and provocative drama BUY ME.

ROSKINO’s CEO Katya Mtsitouridze said of the presentation: “As ever, our goal is to bring the very best of Russian filmmaking to the attentions of the wider world. This year’s projects boast creative innovation, unmatched ambition and true global appeal.”

Vera Glagoleva, director of Ralph Fiennes-starrer, Two Women, commenced proceedings by presenting, A FRIEND FROM AFAR. Produced by Natalia Ivanova, the heart-breaking biopic tells the tale of legendary Russian writer Ivan Turgenev and his fatal affair with a French opera star seen through the eyes of his illegitimate daughter.

Audiences were given their first look at THE OTHER CHEEK from producers Anastasia Perova, Vincent Cespedes, and Julia Lukashuk. The film focuses on a former figure-skater turned sports reporter plunged into the heavy-hitting world of boxing.

Roman Borisevich and Vasily Rovensky introduced attendees to CAT & BEAVER. DOUBLE TROUBLE, a vibrant film following the adventures of the titular animals and their battle with mercenaries from outer-space.

Producer Ilya Stewart presented the hotly-tipped BLOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR, a futuristic Hunger Games-style project, which centers on Europe recovering from a global war which has lapsed into a militant, misogynist Puritanism. Stewart announced the casting of three young Russian stars in leading roles, Anna Chipovskaya, Svetlana Ustinova and Svetlana Khodchenkova.

Lyubov Lvova and Sergey Taramaev direct BUY ME, produced by Alexey Ageev, Semen Slepakov, Vyacheslav Dusmukhametov, and Arthur Dzhanibekian. Taisia Vilkova stars as a young woman yearning for adventure, who enters a world in which women sell their affections for money and a life of luxury.

Next came the visually-stunning musical parable THE WHISTLING ART FACTORY, produced by Anastasia Razlogova and Andjei Petras, and following a lonely boy struggling through a fairy-tale 1960s world.

Elena Glikman and Victoria Lupik presented Ella Manzheeva’s emotive TACHAL, which was selected for the Berlinale Residency programme and financially backed by ROSKINO, exploring the lingering physical connection between those who have died and the people they leave behind.

ROSKINO showcased THE DRAFT from acclaimed Battle for Sevastopol-helmer Sergey Mokritsky. Natalia Mokritskaya and Mila Rozanova produce the adaptation of the bestselling sci-fi from one of Russia’s modern literary greats, Sergey Lukianenko.

Finally, director Tamilla Slichenko presented her newly casted thriller, THE CHOICE IS MADE. THE CLOCK IS TICKING., announcing a stellar ensemble cast including: Ksenia Rappoport (The Norseman), Alexey Serebriakov (Moscow Never Sleeps, Levithian), Elizaveta Arzamasova (Snow Queen), Alena Babenko (Moscow Never Sleeps), Alexander Lazarev Jr (Ekaterina), Anton Shagin (Hipsters), Stas Bondarenko, Olga Volkova (Mamy 3), Alexander Zbruev (Kino pro Alekseeva), Artem Kretov and Ilya Korobko. The project will tell the story of ‘The Man Without A Face’, who appears in a town offering people a second chance at youth, but with drastic consequences. The project is produced by Anastasia Fetisova and Dmitry Chernyshuk.

The full list of projects, curated by ROSKINO CEO Katya Mtsitouridze, and each individually introduced by their respective producers, included:

A FRIEND FROM AFAR, produced by Natalia Ivanova, directed by Vera Glagoleva
THE OTHER CHEEK, produced by Anastasia Perova, Vincent Cespedes and Julia Lukashuk
CAT&BEAVER. DOUBLE TROUBLE, produced by Roman Borisevich and Vasily Rovensky
BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR, produced by Ilya Stewart
BUY ME, produced by Alexey Ageev, Semen Slepakov, Vyacheslav Dusmukhametov, and Arthur Dzhanibekian
THE WHISTLING ART FACTORY, produced by Anastasia Razlogova and Andjei Petras
TACHAL, produced by Elena Glikman and Victoria Lupik, directed by Ella Manzheeva THE DRAFT, produced by Natalia Mokritskaya and Mila Rozanova

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